Another very tough workout! About the same thing as yesterday really…..I got through about half of the workout before I had to start taking breaks. Again, I just let the DVD player roll. I want to get to the point where I can do the workouts like they do, and I can’t do that if I keep pausing and taking breaks that they didn’t take. A lot of things are integrated from P90X, but slightly intensified and you do these circuits for three minutes straight and then a 30 second break….aaaand repeat!

Both of my feet were killing me during the first part of the workout. I quickly switched to my running shoes and it got better after that. I don’t know what was wrong though.

I am feeling really good about this though. Insanity is EXACTLY what I needed to get myself to lose weight. I will update on stats at the end of the week.

I am going to try to run later today, so I will update on how that goes.

Thanks for checking in!


This is an INTENSE workout. I made it through the first set of continuous moves pretty well, I’d say. I never had to stop and rest…I just went at my own pace, as the workout instructs you to do. I made sure I was going as fast as possible at the end of it. Then, there’s the stretching and that was a nice break and it felt good. The 2nd and 3rd sets of plyo-cardio were increasingly tough and intense. I made it through the 2nd one okay, but then was so tired by the third one that I just had to do my best and forget the rest. The only time I touched the remote was to rewind it back to a move, just because I had to see what to do (since it was my first time and all). They move so quickly that it was a learning session as well.

Insanity is the real deal. You have to be ready to man up, and you have to be ready to push yourself…or “dig deeper.” It’s incredible. I’m eating good and staying with it. After yesterday’s wooziness, I was a little worried. I actually left work early because I got sick, which I’m still not sure it is was related to the workout or not. I was feeling good going into work, so I don’t know. I sort of felt the same way after my first workout of P90X, so I’m not surprised or bothered by it long-term.

Tomorrow is Cardio Power and Resistance. I’ll try to do it early in the morning so I can just relax the rest of the day, though I will need to try to fit in a run too. I am training for a 5K that is May 1st, so I can’t forget about that.

All I have to say is WHOA. Intense….but great! I love the challenge it brings! Shaun T is serious. He leaves no room for excuses, and that is great! It just pushes you to improve over and over.

Overall, I am glad I struggled with part of today’s workout. It gives me something to improve upon…to push toward! I want to look back and see how far I’ve come when this is all said and done.

Thanks for checking in!

Whoa that was tough! Just the fit test got me feeling a little woozy. I tend to do that when I’ve not worked out in a long time though. P90X did that to me too, with Chest/Back/Abs.

Anyway, my results were slightly effected by said wooziness about halfway through, but I pressed on as much as I could. So here are the results:

Switch Kicks – 35
Power Jacks – 43
Power Knees – 79
Power Jumps – 29
Globe Jumps – 7 (woozy)
Suicide Jumps – 5 (still woozy)
Push-up Jacks – 13
Low Plank Oblique – 37

I never pressed pause. I just let it go and did what I could do…took rests when I needed it.

This program is serious. And I am glad it is…I didn’t want to spend my money on something that was weak sauce. Tomorrow is going to be intense. Wooziness will surely set in again. However, I am going to do my best and forget the rest.

Diet has changed tremendously. I’m following the book as closely as possible, and no sodas or extras allowed….period. I want a total transformation in 120+ days.

T-minus 13 Hours

March 28, 2010

I start Insanity at 6am tomorrow. I am READY…or as ready as I’ll ever be, at least. It’s going to be insane. Tomorrow is the Fit Test, so I will be able to log my first results for that. Plus, I am following the meal plan verbatim. I will add or subtract as I need, but I plan to only eat what I need for fuel. I’m going to think of my stomach as a fireplace….throw a log in when the fire is going out.

I am taking BEFORE pictures and measurements as well. One of my buddies from Kentucky is doing it along with me, so that will help a lot. Plus, I will still be fitting in runs three times a week. Right now, it’s just 5K training though, so that is good.

Alright, thanks for checking in. I’ll let you know how the Fit Test goes!

Insanity Just Arrived!

March 27, 2010

I now have my copy of the Insanity program. It is going to kick…my….ass. And that’s a good thing! 60 days from now, I just hope I have achieved something massive. I’m ready for the idea that I need to do at least two rounds of Insanity. But right now, I am just taking it one day at a time.

I hope to start Monday, though my friend who is doing it with me hasn’t responded to my request to start that soon. We originally planned to start April 5th, so we’ll see. I’m ready to go now.

So, I’ll be starting my day count over when we start that so you can keep track of my progress that way. I will post daily, of course. To get through this program, I will need all the motivation I can get! But at the end waits results that I can only imagine right now.

I will post about my Dig Deeper Fit Test soon. Probably will do that today or tomorrow.

Day 6-7: Chicago

March 25, 2010

I will be in Chicago, away from the computer, for the next couple of days. Don’t worry, my hotel has a fitness room which I plan to frequent. 🙂 I also have a food plan, so there will be no issues there. I won’t be able to update until Saturday, but it will be a major update.

Remember…Insanity starts in one week. ONE WEEK. That program is going to rock me.

Day 4: Broken Pedal

March 23, 2010

I was going to start my new routine of biking to work this morning….but only made it about 1/4 mile away from my place before my left pedal completely broke off. Yeeeeeah. lol Not sure how or why that happened. Nonetheless. It will happen at some point. haha

Other than that, a normal day. I worked most of it, and now I’m at home just hanging out. I will go out for a run in the morning. I’m going to shoot for 5K. Let’s see what happens. 🙂

Day 3: Insanity Ordered!

March 23, 2010

So, today, I made the decision to purchase Insanity. (Lane, I got it for $75 off eBay…you would’ve been the first person I contacted if I went directly through BeachBody…just know that!) I am real pumped for it. I am going to be starting either April 1st or April 4th. I haven’t decided whether I want to start at the beginning of the month or just at the beginning of the first week of April. I will decide that soon. Either way, it’s going to work great for me, I know it. I’m excited. Lane, Josh, Angelee….you guys have Insanity possibly?

I am running the Illinois Marathon’s 5K race instead of the half marathon due to knee issues. I want to still partake, but I don’t want to over-do it. Just trying to be smart about it. Plus, I have three more half marathons scheduled for the year, so that will be plenty. 🙂 Two of them in Chicago, one in southern Indiana (Evansville)…the same one I ran in October.

I’ve also decided I am going to bike to and from work now every day I can. It’s a 4 mile trek there and back, so it will be great for extra activity.

Well…that’s it for now. Eating went good today again. Not sure of the exact calorie count, but I know I didn’t bust the limit. I will record exact tomorrow though.

Day 2 Finale

March 22, 2010

Okay, today went good too. I went over my desired calorie limit but only by a couple hundred, which I think I burned through my activity today. I was out with friends walking around a lot, so I think that helped. Plus, I ate good for the most part. No workout today because of my knee problem but I will be giving it a go in the morning regardless. Trying to eat good regardless.

Calories: 2350-ish

See you tomorrow. Thanks for checking in.

Day 2: The Long Haul

March 21, 2010

I like how I am approaching this totally differently. I am not putting up all of these expectations of myself and expecting immediate results. What I am doing is just holding myself accountable and not giving in. I am doing it for as long as it takes….the long haul. And it will surely be a long haul.

But I am not thinking about that so much. I am not worried about December 2010. I am worried about this week. I am worried about now. I approached it all wrong in the past, hence the reason(s) I failed consistently to stick with it. It would become overwhelming….I would find comfort in the bad things….and then, I’d fall off the wagon.

I have accepted who I am at this very moment. I’m heavier than I should be…so be it. I know that if I work hard and stay consistent….that will be temporary. One day at a time. No more than that.

I’ll post later today about how the day goes!

Thanks for checking in!