Day 5 Part 2 – Tired Legs

April 3, 2010

I think my legs have just about had enough this week. lol I went to run my 5K intervals after work (where I am on my feet 99% of the time) and I only got through about 2 miles worth. Not horrible, but I would’ve liked more. I’m not terribly surprised, so that is good. And I am not super worried about it either. I got a small extra workout in today after a hard round of Insanity and all day on my feet at work. I’m doing more than many people out there, right? haha

Thanks to you guys who keep checking in and commenting. I appreciate it a lot. Help spread the word about my blog, especially to those who are doing Insanity also or are runners. But anyone in the weight loss community is welcome here to share their feelings, suggestions, comments, questions, etc.

Tomorrow is a repeat of Day 2…Plyo Cardio Circuit. Let’s see if it goes any better! Then, I will be done with Week 1 of Insanity!! I will probably be doing a post about my goals very soon, just to get them down. I’d like your feedback on that too.

Thanks again!

PS- No soda today. 🙂


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