Insanity Week 2 Day 2 – Pure Cardio

April 6, 2010

Today was Pure Cardio again, and I almost forgot how hard that one was….holy crap. It is incredibly tough. But I just maxed out as much as I could. Big calorie burner. I also plan to go out and do my 5K worth of intervals today as well. I will probably go around 6, so that the temperature is down and the sun is lower. It’s about 79 outside right now, which is beautiful. I run better in cooler temperatures though…60-70 or so. Who doesn’t though, right?

I’m also going to go throw the ball with my dog later, since it is so nice out….I’m sure he’d like that and it’ll just be a good way to take in the day. With summer, though, comes waking up extra early or waiting until close to dusk to run. But at least I CAN run…as opposed to trying to get in 3-5 miles in blistering cold wind and icy conditions all the time.

I ordered body fat calipers and a body measure to keep track of other things besides JUST my weight. I think every two weeks, I will take down my measurements, including my weight. What do you guys think? Is weekly too much to weigh yourself? Is bi-weekly a good middle ground?

I had one of my bosses at work tell me that they were noticing a difference in me physically because of my workouts. I was surprised with how the scale said I’d only lost a pound and I hadn’t noticed any major changes as of yet. But hey, I’ll take it! It was a driving reason behind ordering the calipers and body measure, because people always say that those give more accurate progress readings.

Well, that’s it for now! Keep on keepin’ on, people!


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