Insanity Week 2 Day 5 | Perspiration Maximization

April 9, 2010

Whoa. Today marked the most activity I’ve put in thus far since I started Insanity. I managed to run the entire 3 miles, as opposed to the intervals. It’s nice to be back up to just about a 5K again. I ran a half marathon in Oct ’09; loved it but took a week off to rest my legs….but then a week turned into months. The winter months to be exact. If nothing else, it has proven to me that there is no need to stop after long distances like that. I should just take it easier that next week. I am planning another half marathon for August or September. There are two in Chicago I am considering…haven’t chosen which one yet.

During my 3 mile run today, I pushed myself by asking myself “Have you sweat enough yet?” I found that I kept saying “no,” regardless of how tired I was. I wanted to sweat more. I wanted to exert myself more. Try it sometime when you are doing your workout. Have you sweat enough? If you stop, are you content with that workout? 9 times out of 10, it’ll keep your body moving. I can say, without a doubt, that I sweat enough today. My shirt from the Insanity workout is full evidence of this…haha. It’s all about continuous improvement everyday….whether it’s mental or physical. And to do that, you have to sweat….a lot. You have to perspire until you’re blue in the face. *Be safe, of course…but never stop too early….and if you do, start moving again*

Always treat yourself to being able to say that you exerted yourself enough that day, while being completely honest with yourself. In my Insanity workouts, I go to failure. I go until I can’t anymore. Until my body just won’t do the movements. It works. I make sure I am not hurting myself…but if I have properly warmed-up, that is more unlikely.

Anyway…the workouts were great today. One more day tomorrow for Week 2. It’s TWO workouts….Pure Cardio (which is an absolute beast all in its own) and Cardio Abs (which I have not been through yet). It will prove tough, I’m sure. Sunday, I weigh myself. I’m nervous. I’ve been eating good…working my ass off…let’s hope for something. But I am more interested in my measurements…so when the calipers get here, that will be a step in the right direction.

Thanks for checking in!


One Response to “Insanity Week 2 Day 5 | Perspiration Maximization”

  1. Anthony said

    Thanks Seth! You'll be moving like before in no time, bro. Keep it up. It's right around the corner. Jess, The shower was definitely deserved today! haha And I will sign up for the half very soon. I just have to talk to my friend who will be running it with me to see which one he can do. It will most likely be the September one.

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