Day 15 Fit Test Results

April 12, 2010

Hello you fitness crazies.  I started week 3 of Insanity this morning with the scheduled bi-weekly fit test.   With many of these types of workout programs, there is an engineered fit test at the beginning that you should take to see where you are starting out, and, at the end of the program, you take the fit test again to see some tangible results other than things like weight and mirror image.  With Insanity, you do the fit test every two weeks…which I actually like because you can make adjustments (dig deeper) if you are not seeing some progress. 

So, here are my fit test results for day 15 of Insanity:

  1. Switch kicks —  Day 1 = 35;  Day 15 = 42  (+7)
  2. Power jacks  —  Day 1 = 43; Day 15 = 59  (+16)
  3. Power knees —  Day 1 = 79;  Day 15 = 95  (+16)
  4. Power jumps —  Day 1 = 29;  Day 15 = 31  (+2)
  5. Globe jumps — Day 1 = 7; Day 15 = 9  (+2)
  6. Suicide jumps — Day 1 = 5;  Day 15 = 10  (+5)
  7. Push-up jacks — Day 1 = 13; Day 15 = 23 (+10)
  8. Low Plank Oblique — Day 1 = 37; Day 15 = 41 (+4)

In this workout, you warm-up properly and then get right to it.  You have one minute to do as many of each set as possible.  The link at the beginning of this post gives you an idea of what these moves look like…or you can go to YouTube and see examples of people doing the Insanity Fit Test.

So, I think these results prove that I’ve been working my ass off and that the scale is a fickle bastard.  That’s it for now!  Thanks for checking in!


4 Responses to “Day 15 Fit Test Results”

  1. Seth said

    Awesome results after just two weeks! Keep up the intensity. That goal of yours will be met long before the end of the year if you keep this up. think big picture weight loss and not weekly weigh ins.

  2. Anthony said

    Thanks! And yeah, I think the big thing I want to do is see how much I'm losing each month in the end. As long as I'm progressing to some level, that's the important thing.

  3. Steve said

    Wow…two weeks and you've made alot of headway! That is great!Took at look at one of those Youtube vids…Holy.Crap.

  4. Great results in only 2 weeks! Keep up the great work…it’s all about the progression. As long as you’re improving, that’s fantastic! Don’t worry too much about losses in Insanity, this is a program geared more at FITNESS. That is where you will see the most improvement.

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