Insanity Day 16 | Cardio Circuit

April 13, 2010

I’ve been feeling rather sluggish the past couple of days.  Very little energy….like I could just take a nap, which would turn into about 2-3 hours of sleep.  That was no different this morning when I woke up for my workout.  Once again though, I found a way to push through it.  About 15 minutes into the workout, I was feeling better and more energetic.  I got through it but those workouts never get easier.

I’m going to go for a 3 mile run later today….but I’m going to time it this time around.  I will post up the time when I know it.  I am just waiting for the sun to go down a little more.  Ideally, I would like to beat my 5K time from last year’s event…but we’ll see.  I’m demanding more of my legs at this point with the Insanity workouts, so I’m not sure how they’ll react.  I’m hoping the adrenaline from the day will carry me through.  It’s May 1st, so it’s coming up soon!  Then, it’s on to training for the Chicago half marathon in mid-September.   Then, I’ll be running another one in my hometown of Evansville, IN in mid-October.  THEN, the winter will be spent training for the Illinois Marathon….yes…the 26.2 miles of GLORY.  The success of this weight loss journey is DIRE for that marathon to be possible.

Also to be completed in summer 2011  —  a sprint triathlon.  Bring it.


5 Responses to “Insanity Day 16 | Cardio Circuit”

  1. Steve said

    Woot for Sprint Triathalon and marathon training!!!What was your 5k time from last year?

  2. Sure Shot said

    I ran the one in May in 31:32…about a minute and a half faster than my first one.

  3. I also love the new place!

  4. josie said

    Wow, that’s a lot of training. Running a marathon is a goal of mine as well. Found you on Twitter. Are you doing the Tri with Steve next year? So am I. I don’t even know how to swim, so yeah. It’s a good thing it’s a year away, huh? Just added you to my reader, so I can follow your blog from now on.

    • Hi Josie! Thanks for following my blog, first off! Yes, I am doing a triathlon with Steve and Jess…and you too! 😀 haha The fact that you aren’t a swimmer gives you more reason to overcome that challenge! How awesome would it be to go from a person who doesn’t know how to swim to a person who did a triathlon? It would be awesome.

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