Insanity Day 18 | Cardio Recovery

April 15, 2010

The knees are bothering me pretty good today. I decided to go ahead with the workout but modify so that my knees did not have to put with as much pressure…plus, today’s workout is lighter than the rest. It’s a psuedo-recovery day. You do some stretches, some slow squats, etc….so this day came at a good time.

This will be short today, as I have a lot I have to do. But check out my other post for today about music that gets us all going. I’d love to hear your preferences. Have a good one! Thanks for checking in!


4 Responses to “Insanity Day 18 | Cardio Recovery”

  1. Steve said

    Good for you for modifying it, instead of just saying “f*ck this noise” and chillin’ on the couch…you know, like I probably would have done 😛

  2. Chad said

    Hey – I like the new blog! Looks great. Hope the knees feel better. Had to ice mine after my run tonight, so I feel ya. Be careful with them. You don’t want to injure to the point of getting sidelined from exercise.

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