Insanity Day 19 | 5K; Rest; Tabata?

April 17, 2010

First and foremost, I decided to take an unscheduled rest day from Insanity today, which just means that I will make up the workout Sunday when I was supposed to be off. I woke up late this morning on accident and didn’t have the allotted time I was needing to do the workout. So, I went to work thinking I would just come home, run, and then do the Cardio Power and Resistance. I did run, but when I got home, I decided I just needed to take a load off. Not out of laziness, but quite the contrary…I’ve been hitting it hard for the past few days…including being on my feet all day at work. So, I just decided it in the mindframe that it’s the right thing to do for myself.

Like I said…I did run….and Anthony ran well. hahaha I did my 5K like I said….in 31:48! Just 16 seconds shy of my personal best. Can anyone say that Insanity is working?? I’d say so. Gotta keep going! It’s just going to get better. And hey, this is 1/3 of the triathlon we’re shooting for in July 2011!

Lately, I have been checking out videos on a thing called tabata training. It seems that it is a big part of the CrossFit training regimen and I have always been interested in getting involved with this kind of thing when the time is right. Tabata is tough. It is 4 minutes of max reps of different types of moves….usually 20 seconds of going as fast as possible and then 10 seconds of rest….and repeat…HAAAAAARD. I’ve been considering starting a challenge in the future where we all start doing these workouts for a certain period of time. Do some research, check out some videos on YouTube (tabata squats, for instance), and let me know what you think.

Alright guys, update in the morning when I do my next workout for Day 20! Bring it.

    Thanks for checking in!


4 Responses to “Insanity Day 19 | 5K; Rest; Tabata?”

  1. Jess said

    Nice! Interested in the Tabata. Keep me posted. As for taking a day off, you need/deserve it. I took a day off from running (though I did walk somewhere around 30,000 steps so….like 9 or 10 miles). But yeah, calves couldn’t handle the running. Still got to train the Vibrams.

    Sweet time for the 5K! I’m trying to get a faster time too. It’ll happen, eventually.

    2011 TRI OR BUST!

  2. Steve said

    A challenge you say? Hmm….I’M IN!

    That’s an awesome 5k time, and I think resting the rest of the day was the right choice.

    Have you registered for that Tri yet? I haven’t, just curious to see if you (or anyone else) has yet.

  3. Thanks Steve! I have not registered for the tri yet, and probably won’t until it’s much closer. But I am signing up soon for the half marathons I plan to run later this year. đŸ˜€

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