Late Weigh-In: Week 5

May 4, 2010

Weigh-In: Week 5
Weight: 255.2
Weight change this week: -1
Total lost in 5 weeks: -5.6

First 5 pounds down…and it was a lot of work to make it happen. Some courses of action need to be taken to make this happen quicker. I could be doing a lot of things different…things that I have justified as okay but that really aren’t for my body’s chemistry. Diet soda needs to go. Period. It’s soooooo hard for me to kick it, but if I want this bad enough, I will. So right now, that is my goal. No diet soda.

I have set a weight goal…..235 by July 4th. THAT is my focus. Not the end of the year, but just that date. It’s going to be tough. But I think it can happen. With the running and Insanity and eating right. I need everyone’s help to get there, but the only person who can do it is me. If I get to that point, I will be on track for my end of the year goal of under 200 by 2011.

There is a guy on YouTube, Dustin @ losetogain, that I find inspiring like nobody’s business. He at one time weighed over 475 pounds and now is in the mid-200s….still fighting for more. It took him a couple of years to lose well over 200 pounds, but he never gave up. This is one of his most inspiring videos, if you ask me. It was when he was dealing with some apathy and disappointment and was finding a way to make it happen anyway. (At the end of the video, he yells really loud for motivational reasons, so be ready for that. I had my volume up and it was LOUD. hahaha) I hope any of you out there who are having trouble fighting the mental demons of fitness find this to remind you why you are doing this. If he dealt with this kind of thing, you can deal with what you are dealing with…and I can too.

The half marathon schedule for me is going to be made up tonight hopefully. I will be posting that so you can see what I’m doing week to week and hold me accountable. Thanks for checking in!!

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10 Responses to “Late Weigh-In: Week 5”

  1. Brooke said

    Just discovered your blog via Steve’s over at 265andfalling.

    Congrats on losing the first 5lbs! That’s awesome.

    Good luck kicking the diet soda habit. This one is tough for me too. I do really well for a week or two, then I cave. I’m just a sucker for Diet Dr Pepper! Haha.

    Keep up the awesome work! This weight loss stuff is tough, but losing over 100lbs has totally been worth it. 🙂

  2. Ashley said

    Congrats on the first 5 lbs! Keep it up!

  3. Tara said

    Are you going to share your 5k time with us?

  4. Steve said

    Losing weight and getting in shape can be a real bitch sometimes…its far from easy, but it is well worth the trouble. That video is a good reminder of that 🙂

    I think 235 by July 4th is more than doable, and I think you got this. We both might to have to feel our ways around a bit to find a nice groove, but it does exist!

  5. SHe-Fit said

    Weight loss is very though but it will get easier as you push through. Congrats on losing 5 lbs… such a huge accomplishment!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work

  6. Kat said

    Giving up Diet Coke was harder for me than when I quit smoking…but so glad I did both!

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