1/2 Training & 100 Pushups W2D3

May 6, 2010

Today starts a new day in my training.  I began my half marathon training today with a 3+ miles in 32 minutes or so.  The results posted on Twitter, so you can check it out there.  I felt good, though it was humid and the sun was glaring pretty hardcore on me the whole time.  I felt a little sick when I got home because of it, so I took some time to recover before I did my 100 pushups workout.

I was able to do all of the scheduled push-ups (82 total w/ the breaks between each set)  and felt much stronger than I did on day 2 of this week.  I am really happy with how it went.  So, that concludes week 2 of the program.  4 more to go.  Next, I need to do a max set of push-ups to see which column I follow for week 3.   So, we’ll see how that goes.

I am real excited to be back training for another half marathon.  It’s about time….and I think it will really bring progress in many other facets.   Insanity and P90X are going to be implemented throughout and I will announce that schedule once I have it.

Thanks for checking in!


3 Responses to “1/2 Training & 100 Pushups W2D3”

  1. Steve said


    ’nuff said 🙂

  2. Kyle said

    See…I think it is great that in the same day you knock out 3+ miles and come back for some strength training. I usually just pick one item and “check the box” for the day…I really should stack things up more. I did get out for 6.51 miles this afternoon…that may have to be enough.

  3. josie said

    Way to go! Did I miss your 5k recap? How’d it go?

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