The Long Road Ahead

May 6, 2010

Since I started a little over a month ago, I’ve been trying to take this whole thing one day at a time. As many of you know, it is overwhelming to think about the end result. I don’t mean in a “what it will feel like when I get there” sort of way. I mean, when I look at all the work and sacrifice that I will need to do between now and then, it’s completely overwhelming. I am no stranger to this whole fitness/cardio/hard work thing. I know what it takes to get the job done. It’s going to be a rough, long road ahead.

Already in this month, I have found my motivation and determination waiver back and forth. One day, I’ll be completely focused and pushing myself to the limit. The next, I could be having every problem in the book with finding the motivation to get the job done for that particular day. Then, life happens….sickness, unexpected issues, etc….

I want this more than anything. I want to get to December 31, 2010 and for once in my life……I want to be able to say I did it. I want to be able to say I came through for myself. It’s a long road ahead. And sometimes, I just have to find a way to focus on the now….and make sure the now is getting me close to the end.

It will be glorious when I get there….when I know that all I have to do is maintain and improve….and live life in a way I haven’t felt in over a decade. I want it.


7 Responses to “The Long Road Ahead”

  1. Kyle said

    I’ve been there many times…coming from a lofty scale number and doing the math in my head at 1 to 1.5 lbs/week…looking at the coming holidays, business trips, etc. and sighing about the challenges…and yes for me that usually created enough stress in the process to ultimately sabotage my efforts.

    That is why, for me specifically, that this time has been only a daily routine. It is for each day and each day only that I just have to focus on doing my best to get healthier. And on some days lately, that may just mean making decent food choices and not getting off the couch. And yes, that may have been my very best that I could do.

    We all know that the calories in/calories out thing works…so we don’t have to worry about our bodies and reaction to science…we really only need to take each day and do our best to help it happen.

    We are right there with you…each day.

  2. Jessica said

    I am in that place a little right now. I have been doing this for 4 months now and haven’t had one of those “ugh, it seems so far away” moments until just this week. I see my goal and I see what I have accomplished but they do seem so far apart sometimes.

    I guess what keeps me going is that I don’t make these ‘mid goal’ goals. I have a final goal and when I get there, I get there. To me, they don’t push me, they just make me more stress and frustrated. So I guess I look at the whole picture and also each day.

    That is honestly what matters… each day. You can plan and work for a 1 month, 6 month, 1 year goal…. but honestly, a day is all it takes. You can mess up a lot in one day (eating this/not eating this/working out/etc). There is already so much on a plate for one day… why to try cram and focus on all the days at once?

    • So very true. So very true. So much can happen in one day that changes your path and it’s better to just focus on making that particular day happen right. Each day is a new challenge.

  3. When I was over 400 pounds doing exercise was hard, now 180 pounds lighter I find that it is still not easy, but maybe for some different reasons. Living healthier is a lifetime endeavor but also a moment by moment challenge. We are today all we have done in our yesterdays and what we do today will contribute to what we are in the future. If I could go back in time 30 months ago, I would tell myself “Thank You! Thanks for changing now even if you won’t see the results for awhile, even after losing that first 50 pounds nobody else will notice, even after feeling embarrassed to go to the gym to workout or to hit the streets and just walk, thanks you for doing it anyway. You reached the point your believed you could change and you have and you still are. You have so much more confidence in the future, so much more energy and a few girls even find you hot now, because what you what your doing for me today. Again thank you so much, your Awesome!”

    I don’t want a “Screw you” from a future me for what I am doing today, so I better stay focused.

  4. Jess said

    Hey buddy, I realize the road ahead is long. Remember to light up your tunnel instead of focusing only on the light at the end. I think your half marathons are great. Maybe do some 10Ks and speed 5Ks in between too (yeah I know the cost adds up so pick your battles wisely).

    I think in the past, I definitely got fed up and gave up temporarily, but a lot of times I do things out of desperation (like for college graduation and my cousin’s wedding). This time, I’m doing because I can and because I want to, not because I HAVE to (even though I should anyway). A lot of it comes from your overall mentality. You don’t HAVE to be at 150% every day. Even giving 50% of your effort is better than none. I think a lot of times we have this all or nothing approach instead of realizing that SOME effort actually matters and counts too. We only reward and pat ourselves on the back for doing things perfectly (or at least at 100%) but we really need to give ourselves credit for even giving 10-20%. Some days, it’s tough. Seriously. Getting out to run is harder than the running itself. And some days, you need a break. Plain and simple. Don’t beat yourself up over that. Realize that break days are just as crucial to your mental and physical health as 100% days.

    Keep it up πŸ™‚ Stick with it.

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