My Schedule

May 11, 2010

Above is my schedule for the next 12+ weeks….heading to the half marathon in Chicago.

Plain and simple, here are my goals/obligations:

  • To be under 225 pounds by that point…that’s 2.5 pounds per week on average.
  • To record EVERYTHING I eat from now until then….and report my calories each day.
  • To have completely kicked the habit of drinking diet soda….and only eating out very rarely.
  • To be well on my way to achieving my NYE 2011 goal of being under 200 pounds.
  • To beat my personal best half marathon time (2:24:24) by running it in 2:19:59 or less.

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately.  I’ve been very busy (applying for jobs, degree programs, work, and getting ready to head to Kentucky for my buddy’s wedding).

Let’s do this.


4 Responses to “My Schedule”

  1. Jess said

    Hell yeah. Let’s do this 🙂

    Remember, your goals are guidelines. What I’m trying to say is to not be blinded by them and instead work towards them and give it your damn best.

    You can do it!

  2. have fun getting lucky in kentucky, that where i grew up

  3. Steve said

    Hells yeah! That’s great that you have everything laid out like that. I might need to try that myself.

  4. Kat said

    Looks like great goals!

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