Where I’ve Been

May 22, 2010

I have not given up.   I have not faltered.  I have not surrendered.

I was simply gone to Kentucky without a computer of my own to do my updates for the last week and a half.  It was kind of nice, to be honest.  I have been rather dependent on the computer lately, and I don’t want to be that way.   Any time spent on the computer is time not being active, doing something.   Even if it is just cleaning the apartment, washing dishes, doing laundry, washing my car, whatever……it doesn’t HAVE to be working out.  Anything to keep me busy and away from boredom eating.

So, I managed to lose 1.2 pounds while I was down in Kentucky.  I didn’t work out at all hardly (though I had meant to).  I did eat good, which helped….but the workouts were non-existent.  I mostly was visiting people I hadn’t seen in a long time so I was pre-occupied.  I managed to stay away from beer mostly, eat good foods, and not overindulge…which we all know is easier said than done on the road.  So, anyway, that’s a total loss of 6.8 pounds thus far!   Gotta be happy with the fact that I’m moving in the right direction still, no matter how slow.   But I gotta step it up if I want to make my goals.

My wife and I ran 4 miles together yesterday in 45 minutes.  We took it kind of slow because it had been a while since we ran.  She just completed the marathon relay the same day I ran the 5K.   She ran about 6.9 miles during that, which was really impressive, in about 73 minutes.  So, now, she plans to run the half marathon with us in Chicago in September.  🙂   The first of three in three months for me.

So, sorry about the long absence.  I am not planning on doing that again, but like I said, I am not wanting to stay on the computer very long these days.   The more I do that, the more successful I am.

Hope all is well!  Thanks for checking in!


7 Responses to “Where I’ve Been”

  1. Steve said

    WooT to being alive and well, and WooT to your wife joining in on the fun! Glad to hear you did well and had fun in Kentucky 🙂

  2. Tara said

    Welcome back. Congrats on the loss. Its so hard to maintain your weight when your traveling so to lose is even more awesome.

  3. Jessica said

    You are doing great. Maybe it isn’t high number loss but you are succeeding in so many ways!

  4. Welcome back, good job on the the loss!

  5. sparky said

    Nothing better than being able to run with your spouse. That rocks! Great job staying on track while away from home. That is a real talent!

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