Insanity | Week 2 Day 1

April 5, 2010

Today was Cardio Power and Resistance and it rocked me just as hard this time as the first time, though I feel like I performed a bit better. I have a lot of trouble with what I call plank sprints, where you are in push-up position and you simulate running. But I will get it with time. Lots of push-ups, lots of jumping, and, of course, cardio. It’s a great workout, to say the least.

I like how they have a lot of people in the videos too. In P90X, there are always just three people behind Tony Horton, and that’s fine and all…but the more people back there, the more variation…the more differentiation. The more that you will see struggle…or excellence. And you can feed off of that.

I was reading Tyler’s blog ( and came across a great bit of advice that he put together for weight loss. His whole deal is “practical weight loss,” which I think makes the most sense from what I have seen in all my years of reading advice on the subject.

So, I am going to go get something good to eat. 2,000 calories today. No more. Thanks for checking in!


This was extreme. Hands down. 15 minutes straight of hardcore cardio. Not just jogging in place…but suicides, mountain climbers, variations of cardio squats, push-up/jumping combos, etc. It was insane. It’s probably the most exhausted the people in the actual video have ever been….Shaun T even admits he is nervous about doing it. haha I feel good about how it went. I pushed as hard as I could, but tried to know my limits too.

I am going to have my wife, Adrienne, do my measurements sometime this weekend hopefully. I’m already tracking my weight each week for the rest of the year. But I want to do Insanity for at least two rounds….maybe more. It just depends on what I need physically. P90X will probably be in order once I am happy with the Insanity results. I feel like I have two of the best workout regimens you can have….Insanity, which is just killer cardio…and P90X, which is killer sculpting. Maybe I’ll combine the two of them down the road. First things first, I just need to get to where I need to be.

I am hopefully going to go do a run after work today…if my legs will allow for it. hahaha It’ll just be 5K intervals again. That’s all I am going to do from here on out. Until I can run a 5K again without stopping. I’ll post again if I make it out there. Right now, it’s the plan.

Man, it’s good being back at it. I’m really enjoying it.

Thanks for checking in!

Day 3: Insanity Ordered!

March 23, 2010

So, today, I made the decision to purchase Insanity. (Lane, I got it for $75 off eBay…you would’ve been the first person I contacted if I went directly through BeachBody…just know that!) I am real pumped for it. I am going to be starting either April 1st or April 4th. I haven’t decided whether I want to start at the beginning of the month or just at the beginning of the first week of April. I will decide that soon. Either way, it’s going to work great for me, I know it. I’m excited. Lane, Josh, Angelee….you guys have Insanity possibly?

I am running the Illinois Marathon’s 5K race instead of the half marathon due to knee issues. I want to still partake, but I don’t want to over-do it. Just trying to be smart about it. Plus, I have three more half marathons scheduled for the year, so that will be plenty. 🙂 Two of them in Chicago, one in southern Indiana (Evansville)…the same one I ran in October.

I’ve also decided I am going to bike to and from work now every day I can. It’s a 4 mile trek there and back, so it will be great for extra activity.

Well…that’s it for now. Eating went good today again. Not sure of the exact calorie count, but I know I didn’t bust the limit. I will record exact tomorrow though.

Day 2: The Long Haul

March 21, 2010

I like how I am approaching this totally differently. I am not putting up all of these expectations of myself and expecting immediate results. What I am doing is just holding myself accountable and not giving in. I am doing it for as long as it takes….the long haul. And it will surely be a long haul.

But I am not thinking about that so much. I am not worried about December 2010. I am worried about this week. I am worried about now. I approached it all wrong in the past, hence the reason(s) I failed consistently to stick with it. It would become overwhelming….I would find comfort in the bad things….and then, I’d fall off the wagon.

I have accepted who I am at this very moment. I’m heavier than I should be…so be it. I know that if I work hard and stay consistent….that will be temporary. One day at a time. No more than that.

I’ll post later today about how the day goes!

Thanks for checking in!

Pre-Day 1

March 20, 2010

This is a start. The beginning. I am starting anew. I have much to gain….much to lose. Saturday, March 20, 2010….the beginning of the new me.

I will gain everything. I will lose what’s necessary to lose. I will be realistic but hopeful…cautionary yet on the edge…strict yet liberal…an education on balance will emerge…for good.

This is it.

I will be posting my first update today. My stats will be in the sidebar. Expect honesty. Blunt honesty. Success and failure for all to see….because, in the end, there will be a person I have not been able to be as of yet.

Thanks for checking in.