Today was Cardio Recovery and it was much needed. My knees were starting to feel a little tender. Even this recovery workout is nothing to scoff at…it’s kind of tough too. I woke up late this morning on accident (hence, no post until tonight)….so I had to kind of rush my workout in this morning before work.

I am still waiting on my calipers and body measure. Looks like they won’t ship for a couple more days. Once I get them, look out for my measurement updates every 2-4 weeks….including weight.

Still have not had ANY fast food of ANY kind since I started Insanity. I’m proud of that. I need to kick diet sodas….anyone know a good substitute…a “patch” of sorts? haha

New post tomorrow about Day 5. Hard to believe two weeks of Insanity have almost passed. I am going to be getting more interactive soon…possibly making YouTube videos (subscribe to me there…SureShotEvolver) and posting pictures. Steve, perhaps I will do an EXPOSED post soon. I think it’s important…so I probably will.

Tomorrow’s workout is Cardio Power & Resistance. Before that, though, I am going to go run 3 miles (hopefully) in the morning. There is a bar at the park I run at that can be used as a pull-up bar…I think I’m going to try some pull-ups assisted by a fold-out chair (like in P90X). I might make that a habit. 🙂

Thanks for checking in and all the support, guys.