I’m a sucker for good books, fitness gear, music, movies….anything. Who isn’t, right? If you are curious like I am, you like to find the next thing that just blows your mind…..where the experience is one you want to tell others about in the hopes that it affects them in the same manner. I also am a pursuer of the truth….with as much objectivity as possible. As a historian, I like to make sure I am getting the full picture. It’s in my nature.

Here, I am providing personal recommendations for you to check out for yourself (if you haven’t already). These are things that I have found profound and/or useful in the realm of fitness and health. I am not an expert on this subject….therefore, I turn to others who seem to have a better grasp of it. Feel free to recommend your own favorites here as well.

"Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall

Vibram FiveFingers - Barefoot Training

Nike+ iPod sport kit


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